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Dr. Haji Wan Mat Bin Sulaiman

Chief Executive Officer of TSIS

TSIS is an important institution for the Terengganu State Government that acts as a think tank, research centre, and assessor to the effectiveness of the planning and implementation of policies, programs and developmental activities, political and social activities of the state government.

Among the main tasks entrusted to TSIS is the preparation of input for the state government's annual budget, which involves a consultation process with various parties, discussions with stakeholders and state government agencies. In addition, TSIS also establishes close cooperation with academic experts in local universities, especially UniSZA and UMT for the implementation of research involving the needs of the state and the people of Terengganu.

TSIS through the PITAS’ Center of Excellence (CoE PITAS) acts as the secretariat to the Majlis Tindakan PITAS, plans development activities with government agencies, especially UPEN and monitors the implementation of the activities so that it is in line with the agenda of building a Progressive, Blessed, and Prosperous state as outlined in PITAS (Terengganu Sejahtera Master Plan). TSIS is also given the responsibility to assist the government in the implementation of the people's welfare agenda such as Kad Sejahtera and i-BANTUAN Terengganu.

May TSIS always be given taufiq and strength by Allah azza wajalla to fulfill this trust perfectly.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله.

Chief Executive Officer